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As part of our mission, we comb through the reports and numbers to bring the community the analysis. We try to highlight the most illuminating statistics below. For a more comprehensive list of reports, check back soon.


  • By the time you go to bed tonight, 1,837 new children will have entered our nation’s child protection service as confirmed victims of abuse or neglect. Source: Children’s Defense Fund. The State of America’s Children 2014.
  • Every five hours while you’re sleeping (and also while you’re awake) a child dies of maltreatment; nearly half are babies. Source: US Department of Health and Human Services. 2013 “Child Maltreatment 2012”. www.acf.hhs-gov.
  • In 2012, 22% of kids in Ohio who died of abuse or negligence had open cases, 38% had a prior history with the child protection service. Source: Ohio Child Fatality Review Board. (2012, September 30). 12th Annual Report, p. 45.
  • 22% of these children were being actively monitored by children’s services. They died anyway.Source: Ohio Child Fatality Review Board. (2012, September 30). 12th Annual Report, p. 45.


We think pictures speak louder than words. Below you’ll find some charts that explain the current situation of the foster care system in Hamilton County.

Why We Care

When a caseworker is assigned to investigate an allegation of abuse or neglect, a child has been determined to be at risk. When investigations are not completed within the required time frame, a child may be at continued or elevated risk.

How you can help

Contact your county commissioners and request they track these numbers and ensure steady improvement toward compliance.

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