Meet System Monster

First of all, let’s make something very clear. We LOVE System Monster. Think of our monster friends from the blockbuster hit “Monsters, Inc.” Most of those monsters were good and well-intended. They never meant any harm. They liked kids, even LOVED them. That’s awesome. Yay for monsters! Yay for kids! System Monster is much the same. In fact, System Monster saves the lives of kids every single day across the country. Seriously. Every single day. For that, System Monster totally rocks. Unfortunately, System Monster also hurts kids. Seriously. Every single day. Totally not cool. System Monster is a product of a well-intended child protection system created in the 1870s to protect abused and neglected kids when their families hurt them. Lots of good and smart people have been trying to improve it ever since without a whole lot of sustained success. Yikes! At IKP, System Monster represents the energy and [...]