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Invisible Kids Project (IKP) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit with the mission of connecting people to form a united voice so powerful our elected officials can no longer ignore the crises facing kids in the child welfare system. Made up of former caseworkers and Guardians Ad Litem (GALs), foster and adoptive parents, Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASAs) and former magistrates, IKP has over 200 years of experience and dedication to children in the system.

Who Stole The Kid?

I’ve heard parents and family members say that children’s services stole their kids. I’m pretty sure caseworkers don’t have sticky fingers. Even if they did, kids are pretty hard to steal. Some people think children’s services can walk right into a home, snatch kids away from their parents, and never look back. Not true. Only a court order allows a caseworker to remove a child from a home. That court order is only issued once an attorney representing the caseworker has filed a motion in court and a judge has ruled on it. So if anyone really was stealing a child, it would be the judge acting through the caseworker. When I was 22 and a CPS caseworker, I removed a nine-month-old from his parents. It was ugly. Dad was violent and abusing mom, mom was mentally ill and not taking her meds, and the walls of their apartment were [...]

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Really Smart Lawyers Say…

Does a toddler have a right to continue living in the only loving home she’s ever known with the only ‘mom’ she’s ever known, even if there are no biological ties? 17 law professors from universities across the United States say YES! These men and women are experts in family law, adoption law and /or constitutional law. Miraculously, that’s A LOT of attorneys agreeing on something. We should probably pay attention to what they have to say. Click HERE to read their argument.

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