What to do if you suspect a child is being abused or neglected.

We’ve all been there. At the grocery, sitting in traffic, or just walking down the street when we see it: an interaction between an adult and child that makes our heart sink and our stomach tumble down to our toes. It might include screaming, pushing, shoving, punching, or smacking a kid across the face. Maybe it involves a menacing adult towering over a terrified child while making threats about what will happen when they get home. Sometimes it’s nothing. Literally. There is no adult in the area where unclaimed preschoolers roam. The neighbor’s young kids are home alone day and night and you’ve never seen their parents. What’s child abuse and what’s just bad parenting? When do you intervene and when do you walk away? Who do you call? What do you say? What happens next? Since 1974, every state in the US has been required to establish child abuse [...]