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About Holly Schlaack

Holly Schlaack can’t tell you where her undeniable passion for foster children originated. All she knows is it led her on a wild ride starting as a twenty-something children’s services caseworker fresh out of college to a forty-something nationally known speaker training a variety of audiences on topics related to infants and toddlers in foster care. Between those points, as a Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) she represented the best interests of abused and neglected children in juvenile court, created and managed an award-winning child advocacy program, co-founded the Southwest Chapter of the Ohio Association for Infant Mental Health, and wrote Invisible Kids: Marcus Fiesel’s Legacy. Not to worry. She’s just getting started.

We Love This!

"There’s no reason that foster kids should experience the same turnover rate as McDonald’s when it comes to their caregivers." ~Chris Chmielewski, Founder Foster Focus Magazine. Chris spent five years in foster care before he aged out of the system. He’s channeled his talent and passion into creating Foster Focus Magazine, America’s only monthly foster care magazine. Here’s our favorite thing about Chris: He is funny, funny, funny. You have to love a guy with a great sense of humor. http://fosterfocusmag.com/

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The Future is Wide Open

http://www.fosteringchangenetwork.com/#!alumni-successes/cp7n There are thousands of former foster kids who’ve aged out of the system and gone on to do amazing things with their lives. Their past has not defined them. Instead, they’ve risen above it and aim to make the world a better place. http://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/local/2015/02/03/deerfield-couple-works-bolster-foster-care-experience/22814789/

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Commonalities of States Who Do It Better

Check out this full report for great info, including the commonalities of states who do a better job of protecting and supporting children. One commonality? A Citizen’s Review Panel. What an important way to involve the public and get a fresh perspective on cases. http://www.everychildmatters.org/national-activities/child-abuse-and-neglect-fatalities

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8 years after Marcus, foster agency faces trouble again

Did you see Sheila McLaughlin's article in the Enquirer on Sunday, 12/27 about Lifeway for Youth, the foster care agency responsible for Marcus Fiesel’s death? It reopened in four other states under a different name and is a 35 million a year company with 198 violations for the exact reasons Marcus died. That’s just plain bad and wrong. It’s time to build a community to resolve these and other foster care problems.

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My Christmas in Foster Care

What’s it like to be in foster care during the holidays? This aged out foster kid gives us a glimpse. Thanks to all of you who open your hearts and homes to abused and neglected kids all year. What a gift you have been! http://www.imafoster.com/2011/12/christmas-in-foster-care.html

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786 Abused Kids Died in Plain View of Authorities

Isn’t it interesting that retailers can track our purchases, google can track our clicks, and the government can track our income but no one’s figured out how to track the number of abused kids who died while being monitored or overseen by child welfare authorities? It’s true. There’s no single, complete set of data regarding the number of children who died while actively involved in the child welfare system, which means a child was a confirmed victim of abuse or neglect and was being protected from further harm. Except it didn’t work out that way for AT LEAST 786 of them over a six-year span.The exact opposite happened. They died. Thanks to the efforts of the Associated Press, we have a ballpark figure now, although it is likely much higher. Surely if our clicks can be tracked, so can our invisible kids in the child welfare system. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/12/18/ap-us-child-abuse_n_6346966.html

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Son’s Killing Prompts Woman to Seek Child Welfare Inquiry

This three-year-old was beaten to death in his paternal grandmother’s home allegedly despite concerns reported to authorities. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/11/22/nyregion/sons-killing-prompts-woman-to-seek-child-welfare-inquiry.html?ref=topics&_r=0

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When Do Babies Learn Self-Control?

Babies as young as age four months can read emotions in others. It’s time to use these findings and others to make better decisions about the care and treatment of babies in foster care. http://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2014/10/when-do-babies-learn-self-co

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Invisible Kids Project Launches

An effort to protect children in foster care kicked off on Fountain Square in downtown Cincinnati. The Invisible Kids Project launched on Saturday afternoon. It's made up of foster and adoptive parents, caseworkers and others. The goal is to ensure children in protective services have a healthy relationship with their caregivers.

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How to stay involved in your child’s education when your child is in foster care

Erika Palmer, a staff attorney at Advocates for Children in New York City, explains parents’ rights to stay involved in their children’s education while their children are in foster care. Advocates for Children’s special project on foster care guides parents and child welfare agencies on educational decision-making for children in care. 1. Keep in Contact With the School Parents should know that, even if you can’t have unsupervised contact with your children when they enter foster care, you can still go to their schools, talk to their teachers, or get any school documents unless there’s a court order saying you can’t have contact with the school. Also, the child protective agency is required to do school visits, and these visits should involve the parent. Finally, if the child changes schools after entering foster care, the parent should be involved in that decision. When children enter foster care, there’s nothing legally [...]

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