Child Welfare in Hamilton County

The Chain of Command Starts with You!
Hamilton County Children’s Services oversees our county’s child abuse and neglect cases, and operates the 24-hour child abuse hotline (241-KIDS). While the Hamilton County Board of Commissioners is ultimately responsible for the organization of children’s services, you have an important say as well. That’s because each Hamilton County commissioner is elected by voters every four years.

This is the chain of command for Hamilton County Children’s Services:



Hamilton County Commissioners

Todd Portune (President) Denise Driehaus (VP) Chris Monzel
(513) 946-4401 (513) 946-4406 (513) 946-4409


The County Commissioners appoint:


County Administrator

Jeff Aluotto


The County Administrator oversees:


Hamilton County Jobs and Family Services Director

Moria Weir


The Hamilton County Jobs and Family Services Director oversees:


Hamilton County Children’s Services Staff