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First Breaths, Last Breaths and What Comes Next

Twelve years ago, a blue-eyed baby boy took his first breaths in this great big world. His single mother subsequently took him home to a life of dysfunction, poverty, abuse and neglect. I often wonder what his first days, weeks, months were like as he grew into a toddler. Did his mother love him?  I believe she did. She simply didn’t have the skills necessary to take good care of him. Did he love his mother? I think he did. He used to bring her fistfuls of dandelions and weeds that he picked from their front yard. This blue-eyed boy took his last breaths sweating to death in an inferno closet where summer heat soared and his sweat soaked the blanket that bound his arms behind him and wrapped him tight like a mummy. I often wonder about those last moments when this little boy died alone, gasping for air. [...]

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Together We Can Change the Child Welfare System

Who is responsible for foster care children residing in virtually every zip code across America? The answer might surprise you. It’s not your local children’s services agency. It’s not your governor. It’s not Congress or Health and Human Services. It’s not the president. It’s us. You. Me. Your neighbors. My friends. We pay the taxes. We vote the decision-makers in. And most important, we decide what we stand behind and are willing to fight for—not just when a child in foster care dies, but over the months and years it will take us to fix our very broken foster care system. I was a month out of college in 1994 when I started my career in child welfare. Armed with only a little black pager and notebook, I spent my days knocking on doors and checking on abused and neglected kids in all corners of Cincinnati, Ohio. For the next [...]

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