Our First Government Response … *sigh*

Good News! We got a letter/response from the Larry Hogan, Governor of Maryland. He thanked us for our letter and expressed his commitment to being responsive. Bad News! We got the same, duplicate letter/response addressed to Ms. M.* of Baltimore, MD. I hope she’s not waiting for his response because it came to Ohio. In case she is, we’ll post here. We all make mistakes. Things happen. Totally understandable. We’d like to forge a good relationship with Governor Hogan because we think he’s probably a good guy. Most elected officials want to do the right thing, especially when it comes to abused and neglected kids. Problem is, how are we supposed to form a relationship with him when our initial attempt is met with this unfortunate sloppiness? Relationship. Connection. Shared concern about the 400,000 kids in foster care and the mostly dismal outcomes they face. These are what we want [...]