What is there to be afraid of? Ask any foster parent that question and they can easily pull about five things off the top of their head.

  • Losing the child they have grown to love.
  • Being accused of hurting a child in their home
  • Losing their license for inadvertantly not following a rule or regulation
  • Having a child placed in your home that doesn’t fit your family
  • Having a child in your home that hurts a family member
  • Having a child with issues you are not prepared to deal with
  • Will there be repercussions from the biological family

Just to name a few! These are weighty issues to say the least and most insiders as well as outsiders often ask, “How do you get past the fears?”

The truth is, fear can easily paralyze us. The trick is to acknowledge it and let it inform our decisions.

I tell people to spend some time with a foster family. If you didn’t already know which child was biological or which was their foster child, it would be difficult to tell. Foster children don’t come with a label and they really are just like any other kid. Humanizing the children makes some of those fears go away quickly.

We also had to make a decision as a family to not let our decisions be based out of fear. It is such a dangerous trap to fall into. Shed some light on your fears and I bet you will feel your path begin to flow.

Foster parents-please weigh in and tell us how you have pushed past the fears!