IKP advocates for meeting the needs of abused and neglected kids and prioritizing their rights within the Hamilton County Ohio Child Welfare System.


The Current Situation

When you go to bed tonight, over 2,300 kids will end yet another day in the custody of Hamilton County Children’s Services following abuse or neglect at the hands of their family. Some will find safety and healing. But too many will suffer—and sometimes die—despite being placed in our tax-payer funded system that routinely fails to meet the needs of our most defenseless citizens.

These 2,300+ kids, hundreds of them babies, could nearly fill every seat in the Aronoff Center. There are simply far too many for our very compromised system to handle safely and effectively.

Abused and neglected kids deserve a well-functioning and adequately supported child welfare system. We believe in the power of people to create it. Each one of us can impact change, including YOU.

What We Do

We don’t pick sides. We aren’t politicians. We simply love our kids and are fighting to give them the protection they deserve. Here’s how:

1.   We advocate for a stable and well-supported frontline children’s services staff. Why? Because the safety and stability of kids in the system are directly affected by caseworker turnover. When caseworkers change, kids are more likely to experience a recurrence of abuse or neglect and less likely to experience permanency.

2.   We educate and empower our community. We work to increase access to and publicize critical data and our county’s progress on compliance with federal mandates related to child safety, permanency, and well-being. We generate solution-driven dialog and empower community to take action.

3.   We engage and inform elected officials. We comb the nation for promising practices and bring them to the attention of elected officials and others responsible for system oversight.

Ways to Help

  • Write a letter/email to your Hamilton County Commissioners asking them to meet the needs and prioritize the rights of kids in the child welfare system above all else. Forward your letter/email to your contacts and ask them to do the same.
  • Attend a Hamilton County Commissioners Meeting to see your local government in action and to speak up. You have two minutes to speak on record about your concerns and ask questions. Use them to speak for a child with no voice. For the schedule, visit www.hamiltoncountyohio.gov.
  • Grow our voice. Know others who might be interested in our mission? Gather ten or more folks and we’ll send an IKP representative to lead a discussion ending with action steps.
  • Share us on your social media platforms and help us spread our message of hope and possibility.

Shame On U.S.

Failings by All Three Branches of Our Federal Government Leave Abused and Neglected Children Vulnerable to Further Harm.

Released January 25, 2015. Published by the Children’s Advocacy Institute of the University of San Diego School of Law

Shame On U.S.

Have you ever wondered exactly how our child welfare system became such a train wreck? The leadership at Children’s Advocacy Institute and First Star spent the past three years determined to figure it out. And they have. This quote sums it up best:

“Combine weak, inconsistent, underfunded, and piecemeal laws from the legislative branch with ineffective executive branch implementation, oversight, and enforcement, and add a judicial branch that seems increasingly willing to reject private efforts to protect children’s rights and interests, and you have the U.S. child welfare system.  How this plays out in the states for our children is a national disgrace.”

Now that we have a 110 page roadmap for improvement, all we need is your help to raise awareness and help us build a community that puts these kids FIRST.

We can do this.

Read the report »


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